The challenge

ACCA is the leading global accountancy body which offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification to students across the world. Becoming qualified as an ACCA Chartered Accountant is an intense and challenging process, through which students experience a repeating cycle of study and exams for an average of over 4 years. The task of CRM is to use data to recognise this journey and offer constructive help and resources at the right time for each student.


We developed a suite of personalised email communications with a simple objective; to orientate, guide and nurture students on the course within 30 days of registration. Through this process, we discovered the importance of considering the different needs of each student globally and generating relevant content and information to meet needs so that the programme is universally applicable.


We created a targeted, and fully responsive student 'Welcome Journey' consisting of a series of five emails; beautifully designed to nurture each student within each market. These emails follow and exploit the natural and continuous cycle of Learn/Revise/Exam, and ensures they are fully aware of all relevant resources – because better exam performance makes for better student retention.

  • Case Study ACCA
  • Case Study ACCA

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