The challenge

ASICS Europe have a growing eCommerce presence. This means product sales can be driven and tracked from beginning to end; the catalyst for a new set of opportunities for CRM. Our challenge is to create a CRM framework to build from, maintain best practice and above all to keep things simple.


We established various touchpoints in which customers and prospective customers can reach ASICS - a purchase, an event, simply to receive news.... From this, we identified simple journeys based on learned insights and behaviours. Distinguishing these segments allowed us to develop a robust CRM plan based on a simple, dynamic Boston Matrix structure. Through a warm welcome, and a relevant and timely communications journey, ASICS can deliver relevant, exciting content and expert advice.


We planned and constructed a series of Welcome/Nurture email communications for the six European countries, with variations triggered by data source. Through these emails, users are guided through an insight-gathering journey to build early engagement with the brand and drive product sales, before entering a wider communications programme.

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