The challenge

Draw were tasked to build an online competition that would grow the Tesco F&F Central European database. The challenge here was to create a concept in line with the 2016 Christmas activity and build an effective competition mechanic that could be rolled out across four central European markets (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland).


Our objective was to devise a simple concept utilising the F&F digital ecosystem to maximise customer reach and drive traffic to the website competition page. And of course, to build a mechanic that would perform beautifully on desktop and mobile.


We identified key learnings from previous competitions to inform the mechanic of the 2016 Christmas competition, allowing us to define additional seeding opportunities for user visibility across different channels. Social and email channels were utilised to encourage sharing for more newsletter opt-ins and build anticipation, revealing ‘sneak peeks’ of the daily gift. A fundamental element of the competition was to ensure all activity was measurable, which involved tracking new newsletter sign-ups and live data throughout the competition, to analyse user behaviour per market and highlight learnings for future activity.


The entire process was collaborative. Draw created a robust project plan so that design, build and thorough testing could be executed within a short space of time. We worked closely with the teams in Central Europe to develop engaging content for all four markets, ensuring the competition met the requirements of four different countries.


Draw created an online Christmas competition giving users the opportunity to win a gift from F&F each day for the first 12 days of December. We planned and constructed a competition page on the FFmoda website, where users could enter their email address for a chance to win a gift and subscribe to the newsletter. Once a user signed-up, they were directed to a page confirming their entry and revealing the gift for that day.


Local Facebook pages were used to post videos that offered a teaser of the daily gift to inspire new sign-ups and enhance social interaction. Facebook was also utilised to incentivise sharing by giving people the opportunity double their chances of winning. An email was sent directly to F&F subscribers to communicate the sharing incentive and maximise additional reach to the competition landing page. A dashboard was built to display a comprehensive view of live data throughout every stage of the competition. The most pivotal data that directly related to the KPIs was pulled through to the dashboard, and additional tracking was implemented to analyse user behaviour - insightful data that can be used to directly inform decisions for future campaigns.

The lucky winners were announced after the 12 day competition period. Those who didn’t send an email informing them they weren’t successful - giving those who didn’t subscribe to the newsletter another chance to opt-in.


The competition was a huge success - reaching a number of new consumers who actively opted-in to the newsletter, increasing the database by 1.7% and boosting traffic to the product category and store locator pages. Further to this, the follow-up email to non-winners who weren’t subscribed achieved a 10% conversion rate. What a result!


Case Study F&F Christmas

Key results

increase of the database
conversion rate from the follow-up email

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