The challenge

F&F is a global brand with over 2,300 stores in 23 countries. Draw Connect manage CRM for the Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian and Czech markets to connect, engage, inform and inspire customers by targeting them with relevant information.

The challenge was to analyse the size, age, health and engagement of a disorganised and multi-centred Central European newsletter base, and to make robust recommendations on how to establish the right balance between database size and quality.


In reviewing both the demographic and behavioural aspects of the database, it was clear that the majority of subscribers for all four markets were a few years old. Two markets had seen a substantial churn rate during this period of study, and a significant proportion of subscribers had never opened an email - 68% hadn’t opened an email for at least six months, and only a small proportion had been recruited in the last twelve months.

The evidence of our findings pointed to an ageing and disengaged database, and there needed to be a renewed focus on attracting new subscribers and nurturing recent recruits with relevant and engaging content.

As a result, we defined key benchmarks and derived an email segmentation strategy to increase levels of engagement, post cleansing the base.


Draw Connect conducted a data audit for all four markets to gain a deeper insight into subscriber behaviour and establish levels of email engagement. Based on this, old and lapsed subscribers were removed and a strategy to re-engage with dormant consumers developed. Those who hadn't opened an email for 12+ months received a win-back email and were unsubscribed if they didn't respond within two weeks. Those contacts who responded 'Yes' remained subscribed - ensuring all email communications were targeting an 'active' audience and thus more effective.

The results were exceptional. The 24% that had engaged within three months become 26%, re-engaging 2% of the whole database who have previously been dormant. Further to this, the majority of people who clicked, confirmed subscription to the F&F newsletter - demonstrating the power of a re-engagement email with a click-to-open rate of around 80% for each country.

The final output of the project included a smaller but more streamlined and fully engaged database.

Case Study F&F

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