The challenge

Homebuy are a credit retailer; offering furniture, white and electrical goods and computing gadgetry to a market which might otherwise struggle to acquire them. They are second in their market and unlike the main competitor, are an online-only operator. This means that the power of the brand, the relevance of marketing communications and the online journey are fundamental to the success of the business.

Draw Connect were asked to help set up several crucial foundations for the business. The brand required a refresh and then application to a suite of communication tools; all leading to a customer journey that hit the sweet spot between what Homebuy wanted to sell, and what customers needed, and were able to afford.



The brand refresh was a simple and quick creative task - the Homebuy proposition is relatively simple and so the important issue is ownable colour, plus name clarity and repetition. There were several areas to consider and optimise - from prospecting through retention, basket abandonment, and dormancy. In each case there’s a fine balance between business growth and the careful management of customers for whom every purchase needs to be deeply considered.


We developed a new logo, a suite of email and digital assets, and a testing process to optimise all communications. Robust evaluation is harder here, but overall ROI based on sales to spend was 6:1.

  • Case Study Homebuy
  • Case Study Homebuy

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