The objective

McArthurGlen is Europe's leading owner, developer and manager of Designer Outlets.

With over 20 factories outlets situated across Europe, McArthurGlen had a large database but a low level of engagement. As one of the leaders in their sector, McArthur aimed to increase engagement, improve their welcome and on-boarding process and gain greater actionable insight into their customers.

In achieving these goals, they hoped to ultimately improve upon two key business objectives: footfall and APV (Average Spent Per Visit).

The thinking and the plan

The plan was to execute a Pilot Programme to test and learn the best approach in the most cost-effective and risk-averse way. In order to do so, a discovery meeting with client stakeholders took place alongside mystery shopper site visit and customer journey testing.

The customer journey was reviewed as a whole, understanding first under what proposition people were entering into the database and how they were being communicated with.

The strategy was to re-engage the existing base and engage new joiners, learning actionable insight to enable relevant target communications to be sent.

The project was divided into four main stages:

- Data Audit - consolidate the client's various databases, analyse the data and create segments based on engagement

- Acquisition - install a double-opt in to prevent poor quality data entering the database

- Welcome - acknowledge opt-in, instal repeat visit behaviour

- Nurture - serve useful, relevant, timely content to fulfil on proposition


Having proven the approach, this programme will now be rolled out across Europe.

We proved that the 10% acquisition discount wasn't needed when a clear proposition was made and fulfilled. Moreover, significant, actionable customer insight was gained, to enable more targeted comms during, and after the pilot.

Key results

Increase open rate
Increase click throughs

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