The challenge

Stonegate are the UK’s biggest independent pub group, including brands like Slug & Lettuce, Yates’, Living Room and Scream Bars. We were asked to help attribute and quantify value and drive actions from the data generated by a loyalty programme.


The loyalty programme was generating fantastically powerful data; personally attributable spend, time, frequency, product mix and so on. The challenge was taking just enough of this to shape a series of hypotheses and then actions, each of which could generate a real and quantifiable difference to the business.


The review took six months of data, which was chopped, cut, matched and hypothesised until it gave us 6 outcomes. Not least that the programme itself was a sound investment thus far - but also that there were identifiable tipping points and robust data points which gave us strategies for the following six months - for example we now know exactly how many times a customer needs to visit for a bar for them to be a ‘regular’ - and thus we know who to incentivise to reach that point.

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