7 tips to creating a killer CRM Welcome Campaign


When a guest visits your home for the first time, would you expect them to come in, entertain and give themselves a tour of the house whilst you're elsewhere doing other things? Of course not. The same applies when greeting new opted-in subscribers to your database. 

Welcome emails are an integral part of directly targeting, engaging and connecting with prospects and customers online - they are one of the most important emails you'll ever send. It is the first point of interaction with a potentially loyal customer and therefore it is crucial to warm them up by making a lasting first impression.

Be a good host; welcome your subscribers, provide relevant information, establish a real relationship with them and boost your email campaign readership and conversion rates.



Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing. Getting someone to actually open your email is a hurdle to tackle… Establish your rightful place in your subscriber’s inbox shortly after they've signed-up, while it’s still fresh in their mind. Be sure to have an alluring subject line to quickly engage your audience’s attention.

Make it worth reading. What matters most to your subscribers? By offering instant gratification for their interest and loyalty, rewarding a percentage discount incentive sets expectations and addresses motivations. Allow them to feel they have signed up to something valuable and worthwhile. 



Personalisation is vital when it comes to successfully boosting readership - avoid your subscriber thinking this is another spam filter trap. A warm, friendly welcome directly addressing the customer by name helps foster engagement and a strong relationship.

Reflect the personality of the brand and speak to your customer as you would a friend. Highlight their personal journey showing genuine interest and concern - if they left their details when making a purchase; ask them how they are enjoying their product. Recalling the opt-in moment also prevents the email being disregarded as spam and confirms its legitimacy.



Design your email for conversion. Web readers don’t want to troll through lengthy text – they will skim and soon become disinterested. The creative design of your email should intuitively deliver an experience that encourages prompt action. Demonstrate visual content that is consistently in line with your company image through imagery, colour and size, charming the customer through your brand. 



First impressions of a company’s email marketing should be simple, direct and valuable to an assiduous audience; Brevity is the soul of email!

  • Avoid marketing jargon and generic spiels by curating specific content with a narrow and informative focus that’s easy to digest, telling them everything they need to know at this stage. One of the most standout elements of a welcome email is simplicity; clearly and directly outlining ‘here is what I’m offering you and here’s how you participate and learn more…’
  • The more you can stand out with relevant content to your target audience, the more loyalty you’ll foster. Using your experience to realise what really resonates with your customers, highlight helpful resources and provide awareness of commercial & informational offerings.
  • Set expectations of what’s to come; inform them of when they will next hear from you, promise something good and ensure you are a valuable source for exciting and informative content. Then deliver it!



Like most email campaigns, a strong CTA is essential. Recognise common motivations for opting-in and reflect this here; providing quick links to more of your story and allowing your subscriber to proactively make a difference.



It is crucial your welcome email campaign is mobile friendly. Over one third of mobile Internet time is spent using mobile email. Mobile devices have made email triage so easy, it can be done anywhere at any time – don’t risk losing valuable customers!



Communicate with your new subscribers and inspire them to write back. Email is a great opportunity to form real relationships with people, why not entice them to be assisted directly?

Greet your new arrivals and guide them on a tour of your brand with an automated welcome email campaign that gets results. Reinforce the perks of signing-up and make them the envy of their non-subscriber peers. 


Draw Connect helped ASICS greet their customers by designing their pan-European welcome campaign. Whether you joined their database through an email sign-up, purchased shoes or even accessories, customers receive a relevant flow of welcome mailings orientating them with the brand, setting their expectations on what's to come, and ultimately driving their first and next purchase.


Read the full ASICS Welcome Programme Case Study.





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