CRM in Four Verses



The customer wakes, considers her day

Much like another, in every way

A series of tasks, events and details

And the welcome distraction of shopping and sales


It's lunchtime and she's at the keyboard

Looking for something for that wedding abroad

She actually needs a dress and some shoes

A 'Prestige Club' card? Well, she's nothing to lose


But what happens then, after the click

An email says 'Welcome!' It seems so, so click

But three weeks then pass, and still nothing smart

Just a series of offers, some shoes in her cart


It doesn't ask questions, doesn't enquire

Who, what, when - whether she's really a buyer

So she becomes a record, a byte in a base

And she'll just stay there. It's a criminal waste.


OK, now we've made the point, stop it!

Keep it simple, think like a consumer, make technology your servant, have an idea - and of course come to Draw.

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