CRM is not a technology


It’s far more important than that.

How many times have you heard the question ‘what’s the best CRM?’ A question implying that 'the CRM' is just another software category, a technological solution to ‘managing’ customers (i.e. selling to them more efficiently and more cheaply).

Technology should be used to help us be more effective at delivering what our customers actually care about most, not just what the business wants. Any investment in ‘CRM’ technology, therefore, needs to be accompanied by a customer insight-led strategy - a clear idea of what we want to achieve from it and what the benefit to the customer will be.

It’s simple - focus on customer engagement.

If we deliver what the customer values that value will be returned; we’re  giving them a reason to come back again, helping increase both revenue and advocacy. The role of technology should be to amplify this value exchange, not substitute it.

But,  all too often CRM systems are deployed without giving due thought to this - meaning businesses risk spending lots of money in order to do be more efficient at doing the wrong thing.

No wonder so many CRM projects fail.

At Draw Connect, our CRM strategy for clients is relentlessly simple. The starting point for any CRM campaign is always focused on the customer and their needs, which is reflected in a piece we developed for ACCA. We devised a Welcome journey for new students, onboarding and nurturing them with engaging content and communications. The starting point here wasn’t the technology used to manage the campaign, but the consideration of context and motivations for each student - and how we can use these insights to keep them engaged and aid their progression.

More information about what we did for them can be found here.

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