The importance of a seamless design


In a world where attractive things matter, design affects everything. From choosing a car, to buying a mobile phone or a piece of art - it impacts our purchase decisions. First impressions are powerful, and despite how popular your brand is, the way your emails are designed can play a major role in the success of your business.

Far too frequently we open an email from a brand we love and are instantly disappointed. We’ve seen it all before; too much content, busy colours, shouty and digressive messages that say very little, and an assortment of buttons demanding you ‘click here’ - it has no impact. The email ends up straight in our trash, along with other messages we’ve been hounded with - and a potentially loyal customer is lost.

Seamless email design starts with a great understanding of the technical constraints. Thorough knowledge around the quirks of email clients and the tricky waters of rendering, will allow pixel-perfect emails that respond across a range of devices to be delivered. This is the basis to a streamlined customer-experience.

Then there’s the content. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink…

The purpose of each email is important and must be instantly clear for your user. Copy and content should be used to tease and entice your audience to click - and not to relay everything that can be consumed on a website. Snappy copy that engages and informs the reader, directing them to the next stage in their journey, is key to attracting attention in an increasingly competitive and crowded inbox space. It’s also far more likely to drive action.

Reading an email should be effortless and engaging. Everyone today is an Instagram professional - we enjoy scrolling through attractive imagery; it’s addictive. Using beautiful images to enhance messaging and guide users through content will captivate your users and make your email easy to digest.

Email is going through a period of innovation. Website-style functionality is being brought to the inbox and interactivity, video content and animation are becoming the ‘next big thing’. At Draw Connect, we’re constantly finding new methods to increase engagement and ROI through email, using enhancements that make our client’s communications distinct from the chaos their customers receive.

We take pride in every pixel...

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