The most powerful marketing technology ever invented


There's a technology out there that's guaranteed to transform your ability to persuade your prospects to convert, your customers to stay and your fans to talk about you.

A technology that allows you to spread your message around the world, change the way people see you and, if used wisely, completely transform your business.

This technology is not a piece of software. It originated not in in Silicon Valley but in the valley of Euphrates sometime around the year 2000.

2000 BC that is.


Storytelling: a technology with the power to change the world 

The use of storytelling to convey an idea is arguably the single most important 'technology' ever devised. It works so well because it's simple yet allows you to snuggle out a message in a way that guarantees it will be spread.

So why have today's businesses become so seduced by the lure of the new that they've forgotten the power of the one tool that's proven to change people's behaviour (which, after all, is what marketing is all about?).

Most marketing technologies are sold on the promise that they will make it easier for you to get your message into the head of the customer. They promise efficiency but forget that this is pointless if it's not also effective.

To be effective at getting their message out, brands need to shut up - and to stop talking about themselves.


The best stories are about the reader, not the writer.

Storytelling is fashionable amongst marketers yet many brands who think they're experts make a fundamental error - they focus on what they want to say rather than what the audience wants to hear. The best story isn't about you - the 'writer' - it's about the person listening to it.

What role do you want to play in the story your customers will tell? Are they even talking about you at all?

What's the best way to get people to talk about you?

Just do the stuff you don't have to but which makes a difference.

Then they'll have a story to tell...

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