Why digital transformation is the last thing you need


We’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Too many organisations have been sold the lie that the answer to - whatever their problem happens to be - is to embark on a long, complex and inevitably expensive ‘digital transformation’.

Too many have embarked upon such a quest and then found themselves, once the IT vendors and consultants have left, waiting forlornly for the ‘transformation’ to materialise.

All too often they are destined to have a long wait.

Yes, they may well have a suite of shiny new technologies. Yes, they may have been told that the latest ‘agile’ methodologies were used to deliver them. They may even find themselves invited to some particularly obscure awards ceremony. But, if the transformation was solely concerned with automating existing processes and not informed by an understanding of how end customers want the business to transform, you will be left with a very efficient white elephant.

There is definitely a key role for digital in optimising the customer experience – but it’s crucial to start with the customer and only once you’re confident you fully understand their needs, attitudes and (often hidden) motivations should you worry about technology. 

'Transforming digital organisations into human ones'

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