The challenge

Fight for Sight (the UK's largest eye research charity) presented a unique challenge to us at Draw. We were tasked with creating a website that represented their new brand and helped all of their users (sighted and those with sight loss) to easily and quickly access the content they needed.


Draw held a workshop to explore Fight for Sight’s commercial and marketing needs, and to understand who the various website audiences are, and what their needs are.

Through this process we discovered the importance of the content that highlights the great research projects that Fight for Sight are funding and were able to ensure that it is effectively signposted throughout the site.

The website is also used as a source of information for people suffering sight loss, and in order to provide support, Fight for Sight along with Draw created a series of videos that demonstrate the experience of people suffering sight loss.


We created a fully responsive, beautiful and most importantly accessible site. This meant ensuring we were adhering to W3C standards and building in additional functionality to allow those using screen readers to move throughout the site with ease.

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