The challenge

IGD work tirelessly to improve the food and grocery industries globally, through detailed research and the provision of expert guidance. Speaking to their clients in a programme of customer interviews, we discovered just how respected IGD are. Their opinion carries weight and their guidance is often sought by companies breaking new ground or entering new markets. IGD is made up of three core services covering supply chain, shopper insights, and retail analysis.

The challenge presented to us was to create a consistent brand across all of the IGD services. The brand had to reflect the position they hold in the industry, while tying together both the business and charity elements under a singular brand identity.


We’ve been presented with this kind of challenge many times. As companies develop and launch new products, the temptation to create a new brand each time can be irresistible. This may sometimes be the correct action however, on the flip side, once multiple products have been launched the central brand can become diluted and fragmented, often causing nothing but  confusion for the end user.

Getting to the heart of who IGD are as a company was critical to aligning all of the IGD services around a central brand identity.

We started the process by listening to IGD's customers. Through a total of 25 interviews covering both their clients and benefactors of their charity work, we gained a deep understanding of the very central position that IGD holds at the heart of the food and grocery industry.

We consolidated the information from the interviews by holding a workshop for the IGD product owners and key stakeholder group. Throughout the day we identified the unique brand values and brand proposition that was central to IGD. We also created brand tonal wheels that allowed IGD to identify the tonal values that suited their brands.

The final phase of this project was distilling everything we had learned from both the interviews and the workshop to form a consistent brand for IGD.


The final output of this project was the production of a brand book that brought consistency to the IGD brand and its products. The brand book includes a tone of voice, how to write, audience personas, photography guidelines, iconography guidelines, presentation guidelines, colour palettes and typefaces.

Most importantly the brand book gives IGD a strong brand proposition behind which they can  align, and a set of brand values that allow them to flex their product offering and messaging, whilst retaining the unique identity that makes them IGD.

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