The challenge

F&F is a global brand with over 2,100 stores in 26 countries. Draw supports the F&F website for the Hungarian, Polish, Czech and Slovakian markets to engage, inspire and provide information for current and prospective F&F customers.

Due to the nature of the site, editorial content is crucial as the site needs to be engaging as well as informative. The user experience is vitally important but not every site visitor can be treated the same; some people might want to browse through product pages or articles for outfit inspiration, while others might be looking for quick answers and a simple store locator search. The site gradually reached a point where similar types of siloed content pages were located in different areas of the site without a logical and seamless user journey as people are engaging with the brand.

The challenge was to design content pages specifically for the online audience, encourage people to engage with the brand and organise the site without overlapping content, offering the best overall experience for the customer.



Draw held an informal workshop to explore some ideas for how content could be better used on the site. The brainstorming session for different concepts prompted discussions about the purpose of the website and how we can improve the user experience.

Sales can't be made online for F&F in Central Europe, so the purpose of the FFmoda website isn't simply to funnel traffic into one end goal of the shopping basket and payment page. More considerations need to be made and prioritised.

Through this process, we discovered the importance of creating an experience for site visitors that encourages them to engage with the overall F&F brand.

Draw created the concept of a destination page for content to enhance the user experience with more frequent posts and updates all in one place. Consolidating blogs and Magazine content into one easy to access hub along with social media posts keeps things fresh and up-to-the-minute.


This destination page for content includes blogs written by the local teams, posts of magazine content, Facebook posts, and Instagram images. All posts can now be filtered by type or category, which will make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and move effortlessly between content. This provides a more engaging and inspiring brand experience for site visitors.

In the two weeks since it's launched, sessions, page views, and users have all gone up about 150% each. But there are so many factors involved that it's only fair to look at this over a longer period of time. The results are definitely positive and the analytics will show clearer trends as the Inspiration page continues to provide value.


  • Case Study F&F Inspirational
  • Case Study F&F Inspirational
  • Case Study F&F Inspirational
  • Case Study F&F Inspirational

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