The challenge

In a fast developing landscape, Je Joue have outpaced the competition with the introduction of the 'Nuo' and 'Dua' sex toys. These new products are controllable via bluetooth with the use of a sophisticated sleek looking pen. Draw were asked to bridge the gap to digital and create a iPhone app that would also control the device.


After a workshop Draw identified that they would need to get their hands on a prototype and make sure that the information from the device could be converted appropriately. We then looked to consult industry experts in order to ensure that the sensory experience was translated onto a handheld device.


The development team concluded that they were able to generate the required signals from the device. Next the creative team spent time considering the right involvement that wouldn't be intrusive on a user's private moment. Together with industry experts, we created a simple, user intuitive experience that required minimal concentration whilst delivering the maximum satisfaction. 

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