The challenge

Oliver Wyman is an international management consultant firm with more than 50 offices in 26 countries. The firm's 4,000+ professionals collaborate with companies across industry sectors and regions of the world, to identify the client's' highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform their businesses. People visit the Oliver Wyman group website for two core reasons:

1. To learn about Oliver Wyman’s culture and opportunities for employment

2. To find insights and a breadth of knowledge in a particular area

Oliver Wyman’s main proposition is to create environments where exceptional people can thrive, and so the website should reflect that mission throughout. However, the old website wasn’t optimized and the careers section and the rest of the site appeared and functioned in a disconnected way. Moreover, the navigation made it hard for the user to find the content they needed, which was not representative of Oliver Wyman’s efficiency.

The main challenge was to create a user-focused website that also represented the makeup of the organization, to improve the user experience and to illustrate the organization’s forward-thinking.

Draw was appointed to create a website that could grow over the next few years, giving Oliver Wyman a better showcase for their thought leadership, the career opportunities available, their brilliant people and their overall offering.


To kick-start the project, the Draw team conducted a two-day workshop with Oliver Wyman’s Marketing team, based in New York, where we involved a number of stakeholders across management, marketing and technical teams. This allowed us to understand the audiences, and establish the objectives and the key pillars of content and functionality for the website, which were maintained throughout the project with weekly project team updates.

Their core objectives resulting from the workshop exercise were to:

- Identify the three main audience types and the three main sections of the site

- Make the career pages a fundamental area of the new site - Reduce the number of inappropriate applicants whilst increasing the calibre of those who do apply

- Clean up the user journeys

Following the workshop, the IA and UX were undertaken as quickly as possible, allowing us to understand and establish the ecosystem of the whole site and in doing so, create a toolkit including sitemaps and wireframes. This process re-informed the decision to adopt a modular approach and the project timeline was split into two parts. The first involved the creation of the careers section of the site to meet the July campus recruitment deadline. Once live, this section then linked out to the original main site until we rebuilt the rest of the site and reconnected the links as part of the second stage.

Moreover, It was also important to run the project in a fluid and flexible way, taking elements of the Agile project management methodology to maintain cadence on the project, which delivered results and managed expectations throughout.

Cooperation was essential, as both Draw and Oliver Wyman were collaborating on the development, creating the Front End and Back End respectively. Despite the added complication of the client being based in New York, effective communication meant the potentially problematic distance never proved to be a problem.



The new website is now fully responsive, providing a quality online experience for both talent and customers. The UX and new architecture of the site helps users to access areas of the site quickly and effectively, as well as reducing the number of dead-ends, taking the user on a journey through all that Oliver Wyman has to offer. This has been achieved through the use of clear navigation and the inclusion of content tiles, which are used through the pages and form the key part of the homepage.

The new site is also easier to update, enabling the team to showcase content in a more engaging way. The homepage is regularly refreshed with the internal content team changing the content titles and updating the links in the Oliver Wyman NOW module to allow important and current content to be surfaced at the top of the page.

It was important that key stakeholders were involved in the direction of the site and shared their valuable insights throughout the project. The communication and management of this input were key to the success of the project.

The result is a confident, future-facing site, which delivers an appropriate representation of the Oliver Wyman organisation, and offers more engaging journeys to showcase their people and their valuable insights.

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