The challenge

Spire is a leading provider of private healthcare, with an offer that includes 39 hospitals, over 20 clinics, 185 treatments and 5970 consultants. Their website is a key vehicle for acquiring new customers, and delivering information to existing customers, and so it was essential to create an online destination that could deliver the highest quality service at the heart of Spire's digital channels.

Draw was asked to create a best-in-class consumer-facing website that would engage and retain customers, increasing conversion, while introducing new online tools and services including booking and administration for their patients.

The challenge was to consolidate information across the real estate and reduce duplication of content, finding a balance between group and local marketing content authority and to be able to migrate the existing content onto a new user-friendly responsive website.

Old site screens


Draw began with a quick fix to improve conversions on the customer enquiry form, including calls to action and a simple search tool to allow the marketing team to better understand the breakdown of website users. This piece of work had 17,000 responses, a massive 560% over the expected number, and the success of this work led to a full website redesign and build.


Discovery phase

We conducted 10 focused workshops at Spire Hospitals and Draw offices, with a wide group of stakeholders (including doctors, consultants, patients, BDMs, marketing team, IT and jobseekers) which helped us to capture and prioritise the audience needs based on timelines and budget.



We brought together experts from across the Spire business to create steering teams - from internal teams such as IT, web users, legal and professional advisors, to business units including cosmetic surgery, Lifescan and Perform, and hospitals from Montefiore on the south coast to Edinburgh’s Murrayfield.

We listened to what the hospitals and different business units needed on the website. We found out more about the audiences and the differences and commonalities within the self-pay and PMI journey. And we learnt along the way how much we can achieve when we share ideas.


Design and technical solution

The website was built with Umbraco and the pages were designed using a master template that allows a collection of modules. From there content editors can add as many or few modules as they wish to create. In order to keep consistency across the real estate, each page was restricted to a certain collection of modules.

With a project of this size, where every part of the agency is involved, we frequently use a mixed methodology of waterfall and agile. This allows us to work in a more fluid way so we can deliver results for the client faster and more efficiently. Another tool that was pivotal to the success of the project was JIRA, a project management tool that was used to keep track of tasks, sprints and progress supplemented by daily scrums.



We found there are three main areas that are common to not just Spire Healthcare but also to hospitals and business units like Perform, which are People, Places and Treatments. By linking these elements of content together, a structure could be created that has allowed us to simplify user journeys throughout the site, optimise search and create a content strategy that will prevent the need for microsites, thus making the whole system easier to manage.

Although the site is huge - over 13,000 pages comprising more than 40 million words, we were able to structure the architecture using just 50 individual modules. And as the site has been created with an open source CMS, it comes with inherent flexibility and accessibility for Draw and for Spire's internal web team.

In addition, spaces for patient information and events have been created, which are easier for users to find and for hospitals to promote, so the site is a more effective marketing platform for the business. In structuring the content in this way we were also able to create pages and links that are more friendly to Google’s search algorithms, making the site and information more visible to users.

Hospitals and Spire marketing teams have all fedback on how much easier it is to navigate the new site. The user testing at the beginning of phase two also received glowing results on the intuitive navigation and complimented Draw on the ease of use and simplicity of the site.

Draw has created a website aligned with not just today’s audience and healthcare framework but as a platform for growth for the future. This new website is just the beginning of a digital transformation for Spire.

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