The challenge

Stylist and ShortList are two of the most exciting, innovative magazine titles in the UK today. Both titles were looking for a way to translate their distinctive offerings across social media channels. We were invited to talk social media with the ShortList and Stylist teams, with a view to developing overarching social media strategies and activity recommendations for both brands.


We facilitated two lively and informative strategy sessions that helped us find and define the voice with which Stylist and ShortList wished to speak to their audiences.

This led to the creation of a social media strategy that defined what could be said, and how, and demonstrated how social media feeds into the overarching business goals.

Content was peppered with competitions and other marketing opportunities, including a custom Facebook voting application for Stylist, where followers got to vote on their favourite skin care products, thus opening a new channel for advertising partners.


Key results

votes cast

From Shortlist / Stylist

We've used Draw on several occasions to run magazine award votes through Facebook, market new launches, or tutor our web teams on using social media, and each time they've brought great expertise and energy to the table.

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