Draw Releases 2015 Legal Sector Digital Benchmark


Building on expertise gained by contributing to L2's digital reports and having conducted two very well received Legal Sector Benchmarks (2012 and 2014), Draw has undertaken a third study - an in-depth analysis of the websites of the 30 largest UK-based law firms.

The report analyses the digital presence of each of the 30 leading UK law firms against criteria including mobile optimisation, awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty and social. These days the amount of information available can be overwhelming, making the role of a firm's website all the more important.

The website can no longer be a static brochure but rather needs to be far-reaching, engaging, informing and reassuring for not existing and potential clients, acting as a dynamic tool for shaping client preferences and generating new business. This latest analysis of the 30 leading UK law firms concludes that there is a lot of progress to be made. For leading law firms, excellence should be the norm, yet only one firm within our study achieved a grade of "Excellent", being Wragge Larance & Co. and two firms achieved a grade of "Good", being Nabarro and Norton Rose Fullbright.

Further, the analysis concludes that whilst the leading UK law firm's websites rank very highly for building awareness and engagement, conversion and loyalty-building remain largely undeveloped. As such, many of these websites run the risk of being suboptimal and identifying closer to the static brochure than the dynamic marketing tools they need to be.

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Legal sector

Digital benchmark 2015

The digital performances of thirty of the leading UK-based law firms, evaluated and ranked. Analysis, scores and commentary reveals online effectiveness among individual firms, and across the sector.
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