A place to call our own


There are many purchases that bring with them huge amounts of excitement: Cars, houses, tools, lego. Retail therapy it may be, but I think there is more. I think a lot of these purchases signify opportunity - where will you go, what will you do and what will you build with your new shiny thing.

With that in mind, we have made an acquisition of sorts that is certainly filled with opportunity...

This is our new office space in the Urban Village, Swansea!

Our new office space in Swansea

There is some partitioning works to be done, and obviously, we are in need of some furniture, but this where we begin and you really couldn’t find something that embodies more opportunity than this.

We have been on the lookout for talented techies to join us in Swansea and still have some positions available. If you are looking to get into web development, or take the next step in your career and you’d like to work here please get in touch or check out the details of the roles here.

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