Celebrating Draw Swansea’s birthday


Has it really been a year already?

Yes, it has. It’s been a year since “Project Daffodil”—the codename for Draw’s first expansion into far away lands with the opening of a new office in Swansea (that’s in Wales by the way)—went into full scale operation. And what a year it’s been!

Swansea beat out a number of competitors to become the new hub for Draw’s expanding technical capabilities, tapping into a rich resource of local talent thanks in part to the well-established local universities and a growing tech community. After settling on a location, the Board, spearheaded by Dean, started to build a team. Through a rigorous process of elimination three people were chosen: Monica, a front end developer; Tom, a back end developer; and myself, also a back end developer. We were tasked with establishing a home away from home for Draw’s culture, values and expertise.

I think we’ll always remember that first day coming to the TechHub and seeing Dean again and meeting Kyle (a Senior Developer from the London office) for the first time, as well as each other. Kyle was to be seconded to the office for the first six months to help get everything up and running and to teach us the ways of Draw. The final touches were still being put to the office, making us all realise just how new everything was and how special it was to be a part of a genuine new adventure for everyone involved.



Since those early days, the team’s been expanding steadily with the arrival of Jade and Matt, both front end developers. It’s been great to see the office grow so much over a short period of time and for all of us to feel ever more part of Draw despite there being quite a few miles between us. That’s down to all the great people based back in London who have always made us feel part of the team and take us out for drinks whenever we are down.

I hope this has been an interesting read into the beginnings of the Swansea office and here’s to many more years of working together as we all head into a new bigger adventure with Oliver Wyman. Cheers.



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