Creating a reader focused, content rich annual progress report


The project began with a two day workshop in Geneva - comprising marketing talent and specific experts discussing the various ingredients that combine to make Gavi. The key to this report was making it truly reader focused, recognising that he or she may not know everything about Gavi.

This meant structuring the report to be both interesting and informative, sharing the inspiring stories of their partners and really bringing the new Gavi identify to life.

The workshop participants rose to the challenge magnificently and provided a rich seam of information, context and ideas that informed the design process which followed.

In exploring the design we were given licence to develop and explore the new Gavi identity. We prepared a number of different cover and layout options and experimented with the juxtaposition of the teardrop shapes and the fantastic, impactful Gavi imagery.

Through an iterative process we decided on a mix of the current branding with a fresh image led approach. The flatplan established the sections in a clearer light than in past years.

The culmination of this was a report that represented the thought provoking content in a clear and concise fashion. Both Draw and Gavi are immensely proud of the response it has received from the internal and external stakeholders and are looking forward to tackling next years together.

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