Struck by inspiration


Has someone ever mentioned ‘knowledge sharing’ to you, making you die a little inside?

Personally, I immediately picture a group of people sitting in a circle taking turns to tell each other about the most detailed intricacies of the Blockchain. I’d find it hard to get excited about that.

But, with such an amazing bunch of ambitious and talented people at Draw, I’ve slowly realised that there’s a perfect opportunity to tap into their eagerness to learn (and eat) and get to know each other even better.

Thus Lightning was born.

The name ‘Lightning’ was coined from ‘Lightning talks’ which are essentially a series of short talks, presented during a session, by a range of people. Lightning at Draw happens every second Friday at 10am, and absolutely anyone can present.

We keep things super casual, and you can present for 5 minutes or take the whole 30 minutes, it’s totally up to you. You can present however you like to – hate a Powerpoint presentation? No worries because you can just stand up, enthusiastically wave your arms about, and still do an awesome Lightning talk.

Why bother? you might ask.

Reportedly, 80 to 90% of corporate knowledge is embedded in peoples’ heads. That’s a tonne of information that we’re not sharing with each other. And we’re wasting the opportunity to mutually take advantage of it. 

So, how can Lightning help with that?


  • You learn things
  • You get to know people who know things you don’t know
  • You remain creative by hearing new ideas
  • You get to be entertained whilst holding a muffin in one hand and a croissant in the other


  • You can establish yourself in your organisation as an SME (Subject matter expert)
  • It helps to build your credibility
  • It’s great public speaking practice
  • You’ll get to bring your ideas to the table and influence the team 

If you’re wondering how to choose a Lightning topic, start by having a think about:

  • What’s topical/timely?
  • What’re some challenges you’ve come across recently?
  • What’s something you learned in a recent project?
  • Is there anything you’d like to learn more about?

Happy Lightninging!

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