Introducing Kent Valentine, Draw Create's new MD and Fred Brown, Draw's new Group MD


One of the big points of difference for an agency is not so much the what, but the how and the why.

For us, the why can be encapsulated by Making Things Better, which is our commitment to improving the business of our clients, and making our agency better, too.

One of those moments of self-improvement came about in the last Monthly Awesome - our all hands meeting - where Fred Brown shared some examples of inspirational leaders for him. Some familiar faces followed, the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Bill Gates and Richard Branson and then some even more familiar faces; our very own Steve Blackman, Nick Elsom, Rob Robinson and last but not least Kent Valentine.

Fred then took great pleasure in promoting Kent to be the new Managing Director of Draw Create, taking the reins of the firm Fred founded in 2003. In a recent interview with Fred - now our Group Managing Director - he spoke of the importance of having the right toolkit for the journey, and it is clear that in Kent not only does he see, but we all see, exactly what he means by that.

"Kent is astonishing with people", said Fred, and "has exactly the right set of skills to nurture and develop our talent and to take the business to the next level".

Kent, who joined the Draw family back in January 2011, introduced himself as the new MD of Draw Create in true Valentine fashion, with a picture of the 'Muppets'. It took a quick explanation, but the underlying message was the importance of uniqueness, the value of every individual's quirks and weird ways, and how, in the right setting, these can all come together to make the perfect toolkit.

So without further ado, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Fred and Kent on their promotion - and to wish them both every success.


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