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Having a deeper sense of purpose is one of the greatest of all human needs. We all want our lives and careers to have meaning and count for something. Building your brand around an inspirational core purpose is a route to greater meaning and influence.

After all, an organisation’s brand is everything that is communicated - across all mediums and channels - to portray the personality of the organisation, its products and services. And as such, strong brands have enormous power in commercial, charitable, political and social activities.

We undertake a series of activites to allow our clients to articulate and present their brands in ways that will turn the dial in their engagement activities. Brand workshops explore how the brand informs commercial and marketing activities, audience engagement and audience needs. Brand truths allow us to understand the human truths, the product truths and the market truths that their brand addresses, and throiugh this process what the core brand truth is.

Brand values build on this process and capture the brand's organisational values, product / service values and tonal values. Brand guidelines provides a guide to the key aspects of the visual identity, and defines how they should be applied, across logo, font, colour, typefaces, photography and tone of voice.

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