Service: Effective digital strategy

At Draw, we contest that there should not be digital marketing strategies, just marketing strategies (with digital at their core).

Our approach to strategy has been developed over many years, and combines the experience of ex-business owners, engineers, economists, designers, mathematicians and marketers. We are fascinated by what makes our clients tick, and how we can help them turn the dial commercially to increase ROI. As a result, all of our work is defined by a rigorous understanding of our clients’ commercial goals - and the challenges to achieving them.

In understanding and planning for the best brand communications, customer engagement and acquisition strategy, building a media funnel is a widely-used but effective construct, which we frequently employ under the standard headings of Awareness, Engagement, Conversion and Loyalty. This helps to establish consumer journeys, whilst keeping an eye firmly fixed on lead generation, qualification, acquisition and retention.

We also deploy tools and techniques such as audience personas, hassle maps, user stories, user journeys and also a strategy and tactics planner, where we look at a clients' strategy (where do you want to go) and their tactics (how are you going to get there). Each tactic is then scored to allow us to identify which tactics are priorities in achieving the strategy.

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