Service: Front and Back End development

Our back and front end teams work seamlessly to ensure that the design of a client’s site looks just as good as the way it functions behind the scenes.

Our front end development teams create dynamic online experiences for many leading brands, and deliver responsive digital solutions across multiple devices, while keeping a sharp eye on browser optimisation and accessibility to ensure smooth customer engagement. The resolution of Android devices alone has proliferated to the point where to consider all possible platforms and devices would be cost (and time) prohibitive. We always employ best practice in the creation of modules that will target the most commonly used and up to date browsers.

Our back-end teams develop appropriate solutions to operational and technical challenges, taking into account performance considerations and usability of the client’s content management systems (CMS) while handling API integrations. We have experience with many CMS systems and are not bound to any particular one. Previous projects have seen us using Wordpress, Drupal, EpiServer, Umbraco, ExpressionEngine and also building and supporting complete platforms from scratch.



Front end services:

• HTML and CSS coding of the master template and page templates

 Configuration and build of responsive elements

 Mobile optimisation

• HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, Bootstrap


Back-end services:

• Server setup

 CMS selection, installation and configuration provision in the CMS for adding meta-data (eg H1 tags, page titles etc)

 Adding Google Analytics

 C#, MSSQL, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Node, Grunt, Umbraco, Wordpress, EpiServer, Expression Engine, Laravel, Objective-C (iOS apps), Java (Android Apps)

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