Service: Mobile strategy, design and build

More than 70% of adults own a smartphone. Mobile has forever changed the way we live, and the way we access brands, services and products.

More importantly, it has fundamentally changed the consumer journey into a series of touchpoints that we expect to encounter, and which change our decisions and actions. Websites that are not responsive are likely to underperform for engagement and conversion. But rather than taking a "desktop forst" or a "mobile led" approach, we instead look to optimise the information presentation at different resolutions according to measurable behaviours and patterns.

When viewing a website on a mobile device, users tend to become much more task oriented, as they are more likely to be seeking to achieve a highly specific, short-term
objective such as looking up an address or phone number. We facilitate this change in behaviour by ensuring that areas of the sites popular with mobile browsing are given more prominence than on the desktop site. This will give the offer a superior user experience compared to a site that assumes that users on mobile are interested in the same content and functionality as they are when on a desktop.

Services offered:

• Development of native IOS, Android and HTML apps

• Current mobile site optimisation

• Tablet and mobile applications

• Iphone & Android development

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