Service: Technical support

We make a commitment to all of our clients and believe in honesty and transparency across all of our relationships.

That means that once a website is built and digital marketing programme is up and running, we are there for our clients every step of the way to ensure they get the most out of their website and digital programme - even after our work with them has stopped.

Our approach to support and maintenance is defined by an agreement, which we put in place with all clients. Each agreement consists of a package, which is formed of a recurring subscription and monthly packs of pre-paid hours.

In order to promise timely response to issues, we use Freshdesk and Jira Service Desk for ticket management. Website enhancement cycles vary by client. For retainer clients, this process is the constant management and prioritisation of requests that are then worked up into packs of design and development work for the teams to undertake. For clients that do not have retained agreements these work exactly like a larger project but on a smaller scale.

Disaster recovery times will vary based on the chosen infrastructure for the website, the scale of an outage and the amount of data to be restored. We advocate the use of highly available and fault tolerant platforms to minimise the need for backups to be put in place to address the risk of hardware failure.


Services offered:

• On-going support of Draw services

• Periodic strategy sessions to make sure a client is on track

• Assistance with queries regarding the CMS and being there to answer questions

• CMS training, to new team members or those that need a refresher

• Creation of new site templates for specific new needs 

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If you'd like to see how we could help you please call
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